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sábado, 2 de fevereiro de 2013

Embraer super tucano

em breve!

terça-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2013

deutsch eurocopter tiger

sorry me by the empty missile pod, i'll fix it soon, but for now, this is the eurocopter tiger v3.0 in german "heer" skin. enjoy it.
any bug or problem, please report. thanks and have a nice day.

download: 4shared -  MEGA(new!)
segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2013

tiger pre-release.

hey guys, check it out! i was out for a little time because i was occupied with my life but i don't forgot to do the tiger... the good news is that he's on the final adjustments, i'll do the missiles and add specular high light for the chassis and release them so, stay tunned, i'll release it until the end of the day.
The bad news is that i think i'll not have time to finish my personal pack of mods, it's a probability but almost right that it will happen...

sábado, 5 de janeiro de 2013

tiger V3.1

keep calm, this is just the retexture of y tiger that i've posted before, the model is working 100%  but the texture are not ok. the model, at this time will come with the german texture, changening the australian texture. DAS IST!
domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2012


here i'll release a lot of mp5 versions, enjoy it :D

scope version here


this is the first model of my "update package" that i'll release(or try it) until march.
this is the Fn2000 with grenade launcher, soon i'll release my mp5 too, this will come with 2 features. the model have a "bug" that i think it's normal for this model of weapon, i'll try to fix it but until there, i hope you enjoy it.

download here!
sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012

good news

i've finished the f2000 model, mp5(with scope n' without)and a Ak47 model that i don't know that i'll release them(she have many models over there and the my will be just more one...) but i'm with problems with my tiger, i'm trying do fix it and it's going better. i'm not home now, it's the reason that i don't released the f2000 and the mp5, i'll be back home only after the weekend so, until there i'll modeling on a better pc.
quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2012

about my tiger

this is the tiger in GGM and in game. hmm... what's happening?

sábado, 15 de dezembro de 2012

eurocpter tiger V3.0

The first model that i'll finish of my new releases is the eurocopter tiger, very improved version, new model, new txd, new weapons, new interior, almost all is new here, i've do this to be the best version that i ever do of the eurocopter tiger...

new layout

it's the new layout of my blog, what do you think?